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Lo-Mein Recipe

You’ll need: Sesame oil 1 package of thin lo-mein noodles Hoisin Garlic sauce Oyster sauce Chili paste Dark soy sauce Adobo Seasoning 2 chicken breasts 1 16 oz pack of fresh ground turkey 1 onion Fresh garlic Fresh ginger Red pepper flakes Veggies of your choice Add a package of lo-mein noodles to boiling water. …
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Cooking Pork Ribs

Cooking Pork Ribs - Your Guide For Baby Back Ribs and Spare Ribs Cooking pork ribs to tender, smoky perfection is a topic that invokes impassioned discussions by backyard chefs, professional pit masters and just about anyone who loves cooking barbecue ribs. Why? Well, everyone has their own particular technique. Some people prepare ribs based…
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Oven Baked Beef Ribs

Oven baked beef ribs aren't just what you make because you can't use your grill or smoker. Yes, its been raining for a few days here in "sunny" southern California and I cooked these ribs in the oven. But that's just a coincidence. This recipe really stands on its own. In my opinion, the flavor…
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How to Cook Steak

Cooking steak isn't as simple a topic as it might seeem. It ain't rocket science but there are several factors involved in the process, such as the steak's cut and thickness, whether you're grilling it or using a stove top/oven method, etc. There is even a debate as to when and how to season your steak…
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