Lo-Mein Recipe


You’ll need:

Sesame oil
1 package of thin lo-mein noodles
Hoisin Garlic sauce
Oyster sauce
Chili paste
Dark soy sauce
Adobo Seasoning
2 chicken breasts
1 16 oz pack of fresh ground turkey
1 onion
Fresh garlic
Fresh ginger
Red pepper flakes
Veggies of your choice

Add a package of lo-mein noodles to boiling water.  Cook for 6 min. Drain/rinse in cold water. Set aside.

Mince a GANG o’ garlic – like 8 cloves. Set aside.
Minced fresh ginger - 2 Tbls. Set aside.  Do NOT mix with garlic.

Chop-up 1 Jalapeno pepper. USE GLOVES or you’ll regret it!!  Remove the seeds and stems if you don’t want too much heat. Set aside.

Chop 5-6 cups of the veggies of your choice.  Broccoli, cabbage, sliced carrots, baby bok choy,  red bell pepper, and onion make a good combo.  I like yellow and zucchini squash with onions, too.

Chop the chickens breast into 1-inch pieces.

In a skillet, scramble an egg or two and set it aside.

Season ground turkey with a little Adobe seasoning and cook over high heat until almost done and then add chicken breasts to ground turkey along with 2 Tbls of Hoisin sauce and 2 Tbls of Oyster Sauce.  Cook until chicken breasts are BARELY done.  Do NOT overcook.  Remove from heat.  Set aside.

(Note:  Even though you remove the ground turkey/chicken breasts from the skillet, the chicken will continue to cook a little more as a result of carry-over heat.  Plus, you'll be combining all of your ingredients and cooking them a little more at the end of the recipe.  So it's critical that you avoid overcooking the chicken breasts).

In a wok (or skillet) add several tablespoons of sesame oil.  Once oil is hot, add veggies (except garlic and ginger), 1 Tbls of chili paste, 1 Tbls of Oyster sauce, 1 Tbls of Hoisin sauce, and 1 Tsp of red pepper flakes (or more to your liking).  Stir-fry your veggies for 2 minutes over high heat.  Add garlic to veggies and stir-fry for another 2 minutes.  Remove from heat.  Set aside.

In your wok or skillet, add several tablespoons of sesame oil.  Once oil is hot, add the minced ginger and cook/stir for about 45 seconds.  Add lo-mein noodles, 1 Tbls of Oyster sauce, 1 Tbls of Hoisin sauce, 3 Tbls of dark soy sauce to the noodles.  Stir well and then add all the other previously cooked ingredients and stir continuously over high heat for a few minutes until everything is mixed together and hot.

The ingredient measurements are estimates, as I scaled this down from the amount I prepared for the family, which was enough for about 5 people, with leftovers.  So taste to see if anything needs more flavor.  The Oyster sauce is more salty and the Hoisin garlic sauce, while also salty, is more sweet.

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